Blaze Chafing Fuel Benefits.....

Chafing Fuel Always in stock - we keep the best stocks in the UK and we guarantee never to run out of Liquid or Gel Chafing Fuel

Free Delivery on orders from 1 case to a pallet!
   Free delivery is on a 3 day service, however we can provide a low cost overnight delivery
   service if your order is urgent

A wide range of chafing fuel types and can size

   We offer a 3 different types of chafing fuel, Methanol, Ethanol and Liquid   (DEG) and 5 variations in can size from 75g to 4Kg

All Blaze chafing fuel is ISO 9001:2000 certified
   This assures all our customers of our product quality, standard and

No odour when burning
   Blaze chafing fuels burn cleanly with no odour

Blaze protects against concern of food poisoning
   Chicken must be heated at 74
C to avoid Salmonella. Pork and beef must
   be heated at 69
°C to avoid Trichinosis and E.Coli. All Blaze chafing fuel    burns at the constant and correct temperature to ensure there is no risk.